Forecasting When Accuracy is Paramount

Enabling cutting-edge machine-based financial analyses and insights for portfolio managers, fund managers, and financial analysts.

Simple Interface. Sophisticated Results.

Widely Applicable

Accurate Predictions

Simple Interface

Real-Time Data

How It Works

Pre-trained Model with Real-Time Data

One of the most significant pain points in financial analyses is getting credible and relevant information in a format that fits your needs.

Our model is trained on business and economic data from the 1990s to the present. To enhance its understanding of your business situation, you can provide additional data.

We source our data exclusively from high-quality public sources like the SEC (Security Exchange Commission) and update our models within 300 milliseconds to provide predictions based on the latest information.
User Interface

Simple and Widely Applicable

Leastsquare aims to make business as predictable and accessible as possible.

Our user interface concept is inspired by ChatGPT and enables you to access information and perform a wide range of business analyses using short commands in natural language.

Additionally, you can paste tabular information either directly or indirectly using screenshots. This way, you can easily combine the knowledge in the public domain with your own information.

Accurate and Transparent

We obsess over providing the most accurate predictions to help create alignment, predictability, and certainty, making it easier for you to plan, allocate resources, and execute projects.

Providing accurate predictions entails admitting to a range of possible outcomes. Hence, by default, all predictions come with percentile ranges.

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